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burr and burton academy

Located at the base of Mt. Equinox in the historic town of Manchester, VT, the new wood and stone Science, Technology, and Library Building blends naturally into the 150-year-old Burr and Burton Academy campus. The facility brings new life to the old New England institution while reinforcing its strong traditions.

The new building places a contemporary spin on elements from existing structures to fully integrate itself with the campus while retaining its own identity. Two rooftop towers, vernacular materials, and the traditional form and style echo neighboring buildings. Carefully selected exterior stone perfectly matches the stone of the main building. The inward facing facade offers a clear and formal access from the newly created courtyard while the outward facade presents a simple, slim, and unimposing image to the rest of the community. As recommended by an earlier OMR Master Plan, new vehicular and pedestrian circulation routes unify the upper and lower portions of campus to create a safe, efficient, and welcoming main entrance.