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cardigan mountain school

The Cardigan Commons is situated at the edge of campus with spectacular views of Canaan Lake and the school’s namesake. The challenge was to design a space that could serve as the social hub on campus, while protecting the natural environment and preserving the views from elsewhere on campus, all within a tight budget. The solution involved nestling the building into the hillside and organizing the space to take advantage of views and solar orientation. Great care was taken to provide a building that could respond to the social needs of the Cardigan community, as well as the environmental needs of the immediate site, and responsible stewardship of the environment on a global scale. The project was completed in spring 2013.

Cardigan Mountain School, in rural New Hampshire, is a boy’s independent junior boarding school for 200 6th through 9th graders. OMR also worked with the school to provide a master plan to complement their 2020 Strategic Plan vision.