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greens farms academy

Greens Farms Academy, located on a beautiful 40-acre campus on Long Island Sound in Connecticut, has undertaken a transformative program of significant campus and facilities revitalization. The improvements are being implemented in four phases. The first phase includes construction of four new Upper School Science labs and drama and music teaching spaces; the second phase is construction of new Upper School classrooms and Middle School Science rooms, which are integrated with the historic mansion. The third phase will include construction of a Performing Arts Center; and a fourth phase is planned to include new athletic fields, an addition with squash courts, aerobic and fitness room, and an expanded visual arts program.

Currently, Phase I and II are complete, Phase III awaits funding, and Phase IV is currently in the permitting process.

These building projects are based on a Master Plan prepared by OMR that include goals to create distinct Upper, Middle, and Lower schools while also engendering a strong sense of community and an integrated campus. The new facilities encourage departmental cohesiveness as well as support efficient, well-organized use of new and existing spaces. Internally, and at the first phase of construction, a newly created circulation “node” transformed the pedestrian traffic flow, easing both horizontal and vertical travel and helping to clarify Upper and Middle School identities.

The overall design is sensitive to the existing campus, in particular to the expansive historic stone mansion (a former Vanderbilt estate) that serves as the centerpiece of the campus.