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Robinson Hall is an old distinguished building designed in the late 1890’s by the renowned architectural firm McKim Mead and White. Located in Harvard Yard, this project involved accommodating a relatively large program in a small area without adding to or altering the historic exterior of the building.

By reorganizing and reclaiming under-utilized areas, and by adding a large mezzanine into one of the building’s two-story spaces, OMR was able to significantly increase the net usable area without an addition to the building.

The program includes offices, administrative spaces, seminar rooms, an open student/faculty lounge in the heart of the building, and the renovation of the building’s two-story “great space.” The offices are situated along the perimeter of the lounge. Each office has a partially glassed ceiling that is angled to permit views out while admitting natural daylight from the open space overhead. The result is a flowing, light-filled configuration of private offices clustered around an open student/faculty lounge. OMR also redesigned the building’s main entrance terrace and handicapped access routes (including an elevator) so that the building and the Yard work together, simply and naturally.