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timony grammar school

The Timony School is the second phase of a $75 million project involving renovations and major additions to three schools in Methuen, MA. After reviewing several design directions proposed by OMR, the Town of Methuen selected the most economical solution: consolidation of several smaller schools into three larger PK-8 facilities.

Operationally and programmatically Timony acts as two separate institutions: an elementary school and a middle school. OMR recognized the importance of reinforcing each age group’s distinct identity while integrating them into a single cohesive whole. An addition doubles the size of the existing structure to form separate but integrated lower and upper schools. Individual entries, two new cafeterias with a shared kitchen, separate play areas, and a new small gymnasium for the lower school promotes the division of the age groups. A shared computer lab, four-hundred seat auditorium, and library/media center converted from the old cafeteria tie the two schools together. The auditorium and gymnasium can also be closed off for multipurpose community use. The addition, built to form three new courtyards, unites the school by reconnecting circulation paths and eliminating dead-end corridors.

The low-profile design keeps the building on a scale that blends with and responds to its surrounding contexts. Its compact and efficient plan accommodates 1325 students while minimizing environmental impact on surrounding wetlands. The Timony School demonstrates how two schools can benefit from the economical advantages of shared space, while retaining the intimacy of a smaller community.