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This building fosters the open, collaborative, and supportive relationships that this company encourages among its employees. One of the few true atrium type buildings in the greater Boston area, its design is inspired by the client’s desire for a headquarters that encourages staff interaction. Built in an old gravel pit, the 3-story building’s impact on the surrounding landscape is minimized by its unusual site. Parking sits around the rim of the pit to avoid slope and drainage problems. Only the top floor, which is linked to the parking lot by a small footbridge, remains visible from the rim. The horizontal lines harmonize with the flat expanse of the surrounding open fields.

On the interior, a ring of perimeter offices and circulation balconies sit around an energy-efficient, three-story, day lit atrium. Rooftop clerestories infuse the central communal areas with natural light. “Community” spaces are located in the center — either below, adjacent to, or as part of the central atrium. Natural light, combined with a simple and open floor plan, creates a warm and inviting work environment. Employees credit the quality of life afforded by this building as one of the firm’s major attractions.