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concord center-west, ma

The owners of this new home lived in a small cape house with an OMR addition for several years. As their family grew and needs broadened, they returned to OMR in hopes of expanding again with a new vision. After studying multiple options, OMR and the family determined together that demolishing the existing house and rebuilding on the same site would be the most economical and practical approach.

The new 3,500-sf home sits in a dense residential neighborhood in Concord Center. The owners desired a modest, compact, and efficient home that integrated with the small scale of the surrounding houses, yet provided an open and spacious floor plan. The house's core takes the shape of a square cross. In each corner, small 'pods' fill in the cross to provide private interior space around the open living/dining area. Each pod's walls extend slightly past the core structure. Glass panels fill these gaps (see middle), establishing visual connections between each pod, and tying the house together into a unified whole.

The house includes a small master bedroom/bathroom, two children's bedrooms, a guest room, and space for a home office, arts/crafts room, workshop, library, and four-season porch. Natural light streams through a central cupola next to the chimney, filling each level of the house with bright natural light. Windows and glass doors extend the indoors outside, and open views to the enclosed tree-lined backyard.