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wellesley hills congregational church, wellesley, ma

This transformation restored spirituality to a church beset by many previous renovations and additions. Removal of several walls and partitions liberated space to expand the chancel to accommodate a newly purchased pipe organ and a fifty percent larger choir loft without an addition. Redesigned seating maintains the synergistic relationship between the chancel and the nave, encourages the feeling of community, and greatly improves site lines to the pulpit. Acoustic, lighting, and air-conditioning systems all received complete upgrades to complement the church’s renewal and revived traditions.

Redesigned parking and footpaths intuitively guide worshippers into the primary access. New steps to the front door clearly signify the main entrance, while an added car loop provides direct vehicular access for weddings, funerals, and handicapped drop-off and pick-up. New windows bring fresh natural light into the rejuvenated space to create a nurturing environment in which to worship, learn, and socialize.

“We are delighted that the final design embodies all of these objectives while maintaining (and/or restoring) the architectural integrity of the structure. The full congregation has voted unanimously to endorse the plan.”--Geoffrey H. Jenkins, Sanctuary Committee Chairman