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berkshire school

Berkshire School in Sheffield, MA was founded in 1907, under the dome of Mt. Everett, to combine the exploration of the mountains with classical preparatory education. Today, it is a 380-student co-educational boarding/day school that occupies about 450 acres.

In 2004, partly in preparation for their impending Centennial, the Board of Trustees of the school assigned to OMR the task of updating their Campus Master Plan as the basis for revitalizing their campus and strengthening their school community.

OMR prepared a Master Plan that addresses all dimensions of the Berkshire campus - site and building analysis, programming, strategic goals, and operational issues. Significan improvement came as the result of an examination of the academic program. A major reorganization of spaces for the various disciplines was agreed upon, providing badly needed coherence, focus, and room for growth within each discipline.

The Master Plan provides Berkshire a creative and structured staring point to transform and revitalize their campus in a way that celebrates the school's history and distinguished character.