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saint thomas's church & day school

Recipient of the Religious Architecture Design Award, AIA in 1994, St. Thomas’s Church and Day School was also chosen to be featured as one of several projects selected for an AIA publication, that exemplify an ideal architect/client relationship.

The addition and renovation of this historic building required a design that would integrate well with the existing church, while simultaneously creating a separate identity and character appropriate to both the school and surrounding residential neighborhood.

OMR’s solution consolidates the school’s classrooms and offices into a one story, L-shaped addition that inconspicuously wraps around the corner of the church. The addition embraces and expands the existing building without significantly increasing its footprint or perimeter. Its unimposing simplicity and low profile complement the church without obstructing daylight or blocking views from the second floor. Daylight is admitted to the first floor through a skylit corridor that links new and old. At night, light fixtures hidden within the skylight dramatically illuminate the stone exterior.

The contemporary detailing, human scale, flat roof, and low profile of the addition contrast with the grand proportions, soaring pointed arches, and steep gable roof of the original building. This contrast was softened by the use of granite that matches the stone used in the historic church.